Verlander - Village Inn

Verlander Enterprises, LLC prides itself in providing a friendly, caring and professional work environment.  We realize that all of our team members are unique and it’s through their efforts that our restaurants are viewed with respect, loyalty and superiority.  We have developed an excellent package of benefits, career paths with appropriate compensation and a philosophy that takes our team members and their families into consideration.

We offer a five-day workweek with two consecutive days off.  
We offer a four-day workweek for pm managers with three consecutive days off.
Communication takes a priority position in our organization.
We promote a teamwork spirit based on collaboration and mutual respect.
We have earned a reputation for excellence, both in the ABRH system and the communities we serve.
Upper management and our central office create a strong base of support.

Insurance:     Medical, Dental, Life, Disability
1 week after first year
2 weeks after two years
3 weeks after seven years
Company Activities:
Annual convention trips
Regional training trips
Team building trips
Operational exercises

Supplemental Education:
Dale Carnegie Leadership Training
Leadership training modules
Ken Blanchard Situational Leadership Training
Company training modules

Structured, supervised programs for all levels

Bonus Programs:
Quarterly based on sales increase
Monthly based on sales and cost control
401k plan with match

Looking for high energy individuals with at least 2 years of management experience.

Who we are:
Village Inn Restaurants have long been a leader in the family restaurant category.  Our customers have come to trust Village Inn for our diverse breakfast, lunch and dinner menu selections made with the highest quality, freshest ingredients with many items made from scratch.   

Couple that with our relaxing atmosphere, soothing décor, extended hours of service and our extensive cycle of service and it’s easy to see why Village Inn has become a staple in the lives of so many of our guests.  

Where we’ve been:
Village Inn began with one restaurant in 1958 in Denver Colorado.  The concept has been proven tried and true with over two hundred plus restaurants in twenty-six states.  The parent company, American Blue Ribbon Holdings is still headquartered in Denver today and includes multiple dining concepts with both company owned and franchised locations.

In El Paso Texas and Las Cruces New Mexico, Verlander Enterprises I, Ltd., dba Village Inn, was founded in 1978.  As a franchised operation of American Blue Ribbon Holdings, Verlander Enterprises, LLC is ranked as one of the top franchises in the ABRH system in all categories.  Our commitment to excellence in all phases of operations has made Verlander Enterprises, LLC one of the most recognized franchisees in the system.

Where we’re going:
What began as a three-unit operation in 1978 has grown to twenty-two restaurants with over 1,500 team members.  The same foundation that has fueled our past growth continues to drive the same level of dynamic and aggressive growth for the future.

Our operating philosophy:
What makes a leader a leader?  A closer look inside Verlander Enterprises, LLC reflects high integrity, strong core values, and a fundamental commitment to consistent and superior execution of all phases of our operations.

Looking for Talented Managers In:

Las Cruces, NM

El Paso, TX